“An Addict Within”

(You Can Break My Heart but You Can’t Break My Life)

by Mark Lipp

  • Is what you are doing to help your Addict just not working?

  • Is someone in your family struggling with Crystal Meth, Speed, Cocaine, Heroin, Opiates or Alcohol?

  • Are You Looking For Help  For Yourself Dealing With Your Addict?

  • Are You trying to Break the Chains of Codependency?

  • Are You unsure of what is  and what isn’t Enabling?

  • Are You Looking For Help Because Your Family Is In Chaos?

  • Are You in chaos over the situation with your addict?

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If you are the parent of an Addict, or any family member dealing with an Addict and looking for help in dealing with the familial issues caused by an addict in your family like codependency, and enabling…you have definitely come to the right place and found your home.  If you have come here because you know a family struggling with a member who is addicted to drugs and or alcohol, you also have come to the right spot We can  definitely and  truly help you. You see I know what you and your family are going through. I have lived with a brother who is an addict and a daughter who is an addict. I know what it takes to get your life and that of your families back to normal, because I too have lived that life. Few things are more damaging then dealing with an addict in your family. All the damage done to relationships, and the codependency of certain family members with the addict, all help to create and fuel  “Familial Damage”. I understand the infighting, the problems with enabling,  and the destroyed relationships. I understand and have  lived in anger generated when dealing with family struggles caused by an Addicts behavior. I am not just a life coach in this area but an Author, Mentor, Adviser, and motivational speaker. I share  and understand an empathy that only someone who has made this journey can have.

Best Regards,

Mark Lipp

Buy the Book “An Addict Within”

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An Addict Within Book Cover

An Addict Within

Mark Lipp just released An Addict Within! Click here to find out more and buy the book!
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