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How and why i wrote the book an addict within

Discusses how the book “An Addict Within”: came about.

Why I became a Life Coach

Monday, 21 April 2014 by
life coach and Strategic intervention coach that helps businessman, individuals and families

Life Coach: I became a Life Coach  or a Strategic Intervention Coach  simply to help others seek answers to their problems in both their personal and professional world. I started the journey for self-discovery and I did find a  different way of looking at life and addressing  opportunities and challenges.  From This training I was

waterfall of hope for families of addicts An Addict Within”: why the book  was written

Pain and Suffering

Sunday, 16 March 2014 by
the coldness of pain and suffering

In my almost ten year journey of dealing with an addicted child and now an adult I and my family have felt pain , and anger (what I call the seven deadly angers) and believe me for 7 years of my 10 year ongoing journey we suffered, and suffered miserably. Especially me…the dad! What I

Addict is a Dirty Word

Monday, 18 November 2013 by
codependency, codependent. co dependent, codependent behavior, codependence, enabling, enabler, enablers, what does enabling mean

I actually had a revelation one day.  That revelation was in regards to the societally dirty  taboo word… “Addict”. The word addict is as dark and dirty today  as Cancer was 50 years ago, or, AIDS was 25 years ago. Even though the term Addiction has been around for more years than AIDS and probably even