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marshmallows and drug logic

Marshmallows and drug logic—-out thinking an addict I have never been able to outthink my addict and have always been amazed at the decision making process she goes through. My addict  always has the correct decision in the set of possibilities to choose from. The problem is that addicts don’t pick the right choice. They

Phases and Denial

Monday, 17 June 2013 by
Standing Up In A Storm of Denial

Phases and Denial in families of addicts How many times have we said this is just a “phase” that our child is going through. Whether it is puberty or bad grades. Sleeping more than before, or changing their friends. How about when they stop doing the things they used to like to do. These may

Free MP3 file of my book

Monday, 17 June 2013 by
quotes by mark lipp

MP3 Free Chapter of the Book Try a free MP3  format chapter of the book An Addict Within. This book is not another story about an addict. It is the “Other Side of the Story”. The side of the story that you rarely see or hear about. That of the family. The mothers, fathers, sisters,