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    Mark Lipp Author Interviewed on The Addiction Show

    I am honored to be the Season Premier Episode for Season 2 of  The Addiction Show. Shira and I discuss my  new book  An Addict Within” (You Can Break My Heart But You Can’t Break My Life.  This book through real life examples in Mark’s personal journey  helps families who are suffering with an addict learn […]

  • 911memorial

    Addiction and September 11th

    As we take a few moments out of our lives today to remember those that were murdered on September 11th  13 years ago, let us also take a few additional moments for the families; the  wives, husbands, children, parents,  friends and New Yorkers whose lives were changed forever. addiction and 911

  • ddict Within, Addiction Show

    Replacing Your friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer!

    No longer do you need a neighborhood drug dealer. the internet helps cut out the middleman….. The new “drug mules” are well established shipping companies like  Fed-X.  The “online dealers”  could continue to open up more websites as others are closed fairly easily.. The government needs to crack down and break the delivery mechanism in […]

  • united nations

    United Nations Report on Drugs and Crime

    In June of 2014 the United Nations released their report on the Worldwide statistics on illicit  drugs  use. Actually quite interesting . For those who have not seen it yyet click the link below  for the 128 page report united nations report on Drugs and Crime 2014

  • Why We Enable our Addicted Children

    Why We Enable our Addicted Children

    Addiction Knows No Bounds, and Neither Does Parental Love The parental love we have for our children truly starts before birth. By the time of birth we know that we are given this child to love protect and teach them the ways of the world.  We have hopes that they will be happy healthy and successful. […]

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    ENTIRELY FREE!-Tony Robbins Official Life Coach Training

    My secret weapon Tony Robbins Training! To all my friends and supporters, My friends at Robbins-Madanes Training (Tony Robbins’ Official Life Coaching Training) have released a new series of eye-opening videos that will show you how to create profound changes in yourself and others – within a short conversation. Tony Robbins- Chloe Madanes  RMT Institute Life […]

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    Let it Go!…Let it Go! Getting Back Your Life,

    Getting Back Your Life Many times as a family member of the addict, we want so badly to have a normal life as measured against societal standards we will go to extremes to fool ourselves  into thinking life is normal at all costs.  We make excuses for the addict. We say our loved one is tired, […]

  • addiction show interview with Author Mark Lipp

    Interview with Author Mark lipp

    An Addict Within- You Can Break My Heart But you Can’t Break My Life-Interview with Mark Lipp i am honored to have had an  interview with  Shira Goldberg of the “Addiction Show” where we discuss my new book An Addict Within.. Shira does some great work and  Here is a link to check out her site […]

  • serenity below the surface

    Seeking Serenity in Southern California

    Are You Seeking Serenity in Southern California? A day of Hope and Help for those families who are suffering with a child or family member who is addicted to drugs and or alcohol On September 20th 2014, the Southern California Region of NARANON  is having their annual Narathon hosted by the Fountain Valley Ca. Chapter. […]

  • Breaking the cycle of anger, fear and suffering

    “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”― Haruki Murakam

    Empowered Choices when dealing with Pain and Suffering: My last post talked about the “Crazy Eight Infinite Loop” that many of us get stuck in. Once we recognize we are in it, now  the real question is; how do we get out of it? Understand first, life is full of pain. We face, across our […]

  • Breaking the cycle of anger, fear and suffering

    “Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering.” Yoda in Star Wars

    Eliminating Anger and Suffering! When we face Addiction in our family, or major problems in our life, we besides being sad, we are scared and fearful of what the present and future holds for our loved ones with problems. Many of us are ill-equipped to deal with these issues. Many of us have never lived […]

  • Selfie of Author Mark Lipp and his new book An Addict Within

    My First Selfie with my new book An Addict Within

    Selfie of  Mark Lipp and an Addict Within My first run of books has  arrived!  This occasion deserves a selfie! After countless hours of writing rewriting, then rewriting some more….then countless editing corrections,  not to mention learning  to design a print book and learning the self-publishing business ,,, it is finally complete. So I took […]

  • waterfall of hope for families of addicts

    HOPE or H.O.P.E.

    HOPE or H.O.P.E. – How  Other  People  Escape 

  • Why I wrote the Book “An Addict Within”

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq7AI2hHmuEttp:// An Addict Within”: why the book  was written

  • the coldness of pain and suffering

    Pain and Suffering

    In my almost ten year journey of dealing with an addicted child and now an adult I and my family have felt pain , and anger (what I call the seven deadly angers) and believe me for 7 years of my 10 year ongoing journey we suffered, and suffered miserably. Especially me…the dad! What I […]

  • an addict within products are released

    Addict is a Dirty Word

    I actually had a revelation one day.  That revelation was in regards to the societally dirty  taboo word… “Addict”. The word addict is as dark and dirty today  as Cancer was 50 years ago, or, AIDS was 25 years ago. Even though the term Addiction has been around for more years than AIDS and probably even […]

  • free chapter of the book An Addict Within

    Free Chapter Sample my book: An Addict Within

    Free Sample Chapter Of My Book: This book is not another story about an addict. It is the “Other Side of the Story”. The side of the story that you rarely see or hear about. That of the family. The mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of the addict and the damage caused, the chaos caused, […]

  • an addict within products are released

    Daytona 500 Enabling the Addict

    Enabling the Addict One of America’s largest sports is NASCAR. I have only seen one race and although not an avid fan of racing, as I watched it I thought how exciting it would be driving in a car as a passenger at  200 plus mph, bumper to bumper in a high tech machine. Physically […]

  • the seven angers we face when dealing with a family member's addiction

    Types of Anger

    Types of Anger we face with an Addict in the family   1). Anger From the addict. They are angry at Teachers or bosses they are the reasons they do drugs. They are angry at  other family members  and they are the reason they do drugs. Worst of all: We  the parents are the reason […]

  • an addict within book cover and author Mark Lipp


    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein Nothing  I did, no action I took, worked in stopping My addict’s use of drugs. In fact, the drug problem my daughter had was progressively getting worse over the years even after multiple rehabs.  She started with alcohol and […]