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picture of author Mark LippMark Lipp is a charismatic, well-spoken author and expert who has lived the life with both a brother who was an addict for almost 30 years and a daughter who is an active heroin addict. Mark is a  Robbins-Madanes “Strategic Intervention Coach”. As a Strategic Coach or more commonly called a Life Coach, Mark helps people transform their lives in areas such as  Business, Interpersonal Relationships, Communications, and  Family Issues. Essentially helping you transform yourself into and obtaining the goals and life you truly desire.

Mark is an active member of Nar-Anon and a frequent motivational speaker to those people whose families suffer from the ongoing problem of addiction, codependent behavior, and enabling. Mark has been hailed as an honest, refreshing, emotional, and entertaining motivational speaker. He shares the most intimate details of his life, his journey, and how he came to grips with fixing his, and his family’s lives. Just five minutes with Mark, and you can see how his personality, knowledge, and insight into this disease from the family’s standpoint, make him a wonderful, motivating and entertaining speaker.

Mark attended New York University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Music and Syracuse University where he received an MBA in Operations Management and Finance.

Mark has worked for Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies and has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years in the Cable Television industry and the Music Industry.

Today, Mark also spends time as a motivational speaker on subjects ranging from Family Issues,  Business Leadership, and the Entrepreneurial  Mindset.

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