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For over 30 years Mark has devoted himself to mastering the art and science of effective communication. Mark speaks from personal experience and brings a very special dynamic when he speaks.

In business, Mark has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in building manufacturing companies  www.marklipp.com not to mention his years of experience in Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies.

In his personal life, he and his wife Yhali speak from the heart about his life as the brother of a career drug addict. Also as the father of an addict, his 10+ year journey, with his daughter, who is an active heroin addict. His work in this area is met with standing ovations. He has, and continues to, help parents who have children or adult children, who are addicts in transforming their lives, even when their addict is not living a  healthy lifestyle.

Whatever the subject is, Mark is motivational, inspiring, entertaining, engaging, funny, and exciting. After you hear Mark, you feel invigorated, empowered, and ready to move forward. Mark discusses his experiences along with the techniques and concepts that helped him transform his life and that of his family.

Contact Mark and speak with him personally. When you do,  you will see, even by phone how powerful, motivating  and uplifting he truly is.

Past speaking Topics


1. How Using  Life Coaching Strategies Makes You A Better:

Salesperson    o    Manager    o    Executive    o     Co-worker


2. How Using Life Coaching Strategies Makes You A Better:

Father    o    Mother    o    Spouse    o    Sister/Brother    o    Family Man    o     Student


3. The Entrepreneurs Life from Startup to Fed-up.


4. Entrepreneur and How To Get There.


5.  Applying the “Law of Attraction”- a Practical Approach.


6. The Keys to Motivation  a Needs-Based Approach



Speaking Topics– Familial Addiction-Families Suffering with an Addict in The Family.

These can take many forms from motivational to experiential learning with workshops or… simply conversational in nature. Below are just a few samples of the many subjects that can be covered, time-dependent.


1): Shame Embarrassment and the Family

How to deal with the shame and embarrassment of both intra-familial and extra-familial

Dealing with the emotion of having caused the addiction

Dealing with other family members

Dealing with parental instincts


2): Fear, Frustration, and Anger Leads to Hate

Identifying and dealing with the 7 types of anger

Getting over the frustration of “fixing” the problem

Definition of an addict, logic, and other terms

Typical addict behavior: lying and denying and how to deal with it.


3): Crazy Behavior/ My Behavior-What Not To Do

Codependency even when you don’t recognize it

Examples of my crazy behavior


4): Self Realizations!

Determining where you want to be and your family

White papers

From “dis-ease” to “at-ease”


5): Dying, Surviving, and Thriving

The differences between the three

Recognizing where you are and where you are going

How to get to Thriving from Dying


6): A New Life for You and Your Family Whether the Addict is Clean or Not

7): How to deal with the addict while in the disease,

8): How to deal with the addict after treatment

9): How to deal with the addict if they relapse, or don’t finish treatment.

10): Living your life and your family

11): Codependency, Enabling, and Breaking the Chains

12): Workshop on breaking  Codependency and Enabling

13): Making your Family Whole Again.

14): Dealing with the Familial Damage of Addiction.


Many different Subjects  and Motivational Topics Based On His New Book “An Addict Within

And Many Others.


 If you have a specific need please contact us and we can discuss it.

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