Videos and Interviews with Mark Lipp on the subject of Family issues surrounding addiction and his book “An Addict Within”.

Mark’s videos discuss a wide range of topics dealing with the  family issues surrounding addiction.

  • The mistakes he made and what he learned from them.
  • Understanding why as family member of an addict, we feel the way we do and act the way we do and deal with situations both right and wrong.
  • The unseen damage the addict does to our families and us.
  • The  ramifications of our actions to  ourselves, our family and the addict.
  • How an addict thinks and behaves and what motivates them.
  • He also will share techniques and how to apply them to  help you and your family deal with these issues.

We hope that you find solace and knowledge on these videos and that you will learn something  from these videos that you can apply to yourselves, your family and your lfe to help you and your family in this journey


All interviews with Mark will be posted on this page:

Mark Lipp with Dr Frieda Birnbaum  Live Out Loud Radio Show

Mark Lipp on the  Addiction Show 

Mark Lipp YouTube Channel


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