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Are you Codependent, an Enabler?

Is Codependency and Enabling tearing your Family apart?

If you have reached this page it is because someone in your family is an addict and this book is for You!

You and your family are not only dealing with an addicted family member,  you are also dealing with the familial issues surrounding a family member addicted to drugs and or alcohol. Everyone in the family suffers! I too suffered for many many years. My brother at a very early age started a 30+ year addiction and the journey I took with my Daughter for 9+ years as an active addict who ultimately turned to Heroin added to my load!


This is not another book from an addict or about an addict.

There are plenty of books written about Addicts both famous and not so famous, but in comparison, few were written by the family members of the addict. This book is the “Other Side of the Story” that you rarely see or hear. That of the family members of the addict. I will take you on my journey, my feelings, motivations, actions/reactions, and the lessons I learned from real-life situations, in bringing my life and that of my families, back to “SANE” from “PAIN”. You will see and understand my triumphs and my failures while trying to save my daughter from herself and a life of pain and suffering from addiction at all costs, including mine and my family’s health and safety.


You are not Alone!

If there are 23.5 million addicts in the USA as reported, and the average family is 4 people, then almost 100 million people are affected by the disease of Addiction. Considering the US population is 317 million people, that means that 1/3 of the USA is affected. Therefore, most people are directly affected or know someone who is facing the problem of addiction in their family. I understand the Pain and Suffering you or they, are going through.


I wrote An Addict Within (You Can Break My Heart but you Can’t Break My Life) to help you!

I want to help you and your family find the same understanding I and my family learned to have. The same Peace I and my family have.  My goal is to help you in dealing with the issues you face with the Addict themselves and the rest of your family. From Boundaries and Codependency through Enabling, From Indecision and Second Guessing to Shame, Pain and Suffering I cover it all.  I will take you on my real journey of discovery and the lessons I have learned, chronicling my 9-year journey all with humor, albeit sometimes dark, unyielding truth and candor. In this process, you will get the tools and insights you need to help you and your family.

Even if the addict does not get clean. You can still learn how to “fix” your life so that a family plagued with a loved one’s disease of addiction can learn to adjust and live, a happy life.


Remember: The Addict Within your family Can Break Your Heart, but They Can’t Break Your Life!