Parents Resources

Parents  Resources:

These are resources to help families cope and deal with a family member who is addicted to drugs and or alcohol.  There are so many on the net to choose from. these are resources that I know and trust. Please don’t forget our monthly free seminar to help parents of addicts. please check our calender to see the dates and times. I urge you that if you are in the area of Southern California please come to one of our seminars.

Help for families:

Nar-Anon Family Groups

Nar-Anon, known officially as “Nar-Anon Family Groups”, is a twelve-step program for friends and family members of those who are affected by someone else’s addiction.







Al-Anon/Alateen, Al-Anon Family Groups and Al-Anon are different names for a “worldwide fellowship that offers a program of recovery for the families and friends of alcoholics, whether or not the addict gets clean






Families Anonymous is a twelve-step program for relatives and friends of addicts. FA was founded in 1971 by a group of parents in Southern California concerned with their children’s substance abuse.

and Recovery Guide












Help for people with sleep issues 

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