Help For Families Dealing with Addiction

Help for Families Dealing With Addiction

If you are a parent dealing with the addiction of a  family member, Families of an addict looking for help with addiction, or know families dealing with an addicted loved one ….


You have come to the right place!


“An Addict Within” (You Can Break My Heart but You Can’t Break My Life)… can help!


This book is not another story about an Addict. It is the “Other Side of the Story”. The side of the story that you rarely see or hear about. That of the family. The mothers of an addict, fathers of  an addict, sisters of an addict, and brothers of an addict and the damage caused, the chaos caused, and the broken relationships that happen within the family, because of the love and simultaneous hate for the addict.

Through a father’s eyes, I take you on my  9 year journey, of my  feelings, motivations, and the real life lessons learned in bringing my  life and that of my families back to sanity.  You will see the changes that had to happen within me and my actions in bringing my life and my family’s back in control from “shame” to “sane”. You will understand my feelings my pain, my triumphs and the life lessons learned during my journey. and breaking my codependent and enabling behavior.

The book depicts are very real, harsh and compelling tale which is a must read for anyone who has an addict in their family. It is a book of change and hope. Even if your addict does not get clean, you can still learn to live your life and be happy .

Whether you are parents dealing with an addicted loved one, or any family member dealing with an addict in the family I urge you to take the first step in getting your life back and read this book. (E-Book) (Paperback)

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