HOPE or H.O.P.E.

HOPE or H.O.P.E. – How  Other  People  Escape 

How Other People Escape the life of addiction is reason enough for us to believe it can happen for our family members also. No matter how many times a person relapses their is always hope. Like any learned behavior, it may not  happen the first  time .  As an example, when we first taught our kids to ride a bike…., very few just pedaled away. I know that for one of my kids it took 4 or 5 session and as many crashes along the way. To get her to ride a two wheeled bike., albeit wobbly,  was in fact a learned skill over many sessions and  It took many more practice sessions for her to ride with confidence and many more before she could ride alone. Some people may  “get it” the first time others may take many more times. Everyone learns differently and at a different rate. As long as they keep trying to learn the skills necessary to stay sober, and  we support them in a healthy way.and  keep ourselves healthy, there is HOPE.

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