Marshmallows and drug logic—-out thinking an addict

Marshmallows and drug logic—-out thinking an addict

I have never been able to outthink my addict and have always been amazed at the decision making process she goes through. My addict  always has the correct decision in the set of possibilities to choose from. The problem is that addicts don’t pick the right choice. They usually pick the choice that to normal people makes the least sense. Whenever I would ask my addict, when a decision was  to be made,what the potential decisions could or would be . Inevitably the correct decision would be in the decision set  she would come up with, sadly, she would always pick the worst possible decision in the available decision set.

As an example two addicts are in a room and the room catches on fire. The    room gets hotter and hotter and the flames get higher and higher,  Finally, one addict looks at the other and says ” got any marshmallows?”

No one  calls the fire department  or leaves the house…which are the logical decisions. All they want is marshmallows! Would that be one of the options  in your decision set? My guess would be no! Yet… That is how a drug addict thinks.

The addicts decision is based on two factors. Feeding  their addiction is number 1 unquestionably. The second factor is the “lack of consequences” that they fail to think through. Not normal thinking or normal logic.

Therefore thinking like an addict is virtually impossible but accepting it, is possible….

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