Types of Anger

Types of Anger we face with an Addict in the family


1). Anger From the addict.

They are angry at Teachers or bosses they are the reasons they do drugs. They are angry at  other family members  and they are the reason they do drugs. Worst of all: We  the parents are the reason they do drugs

2) Anger At the addict.

We have a tremendous amount of Anger for what the Addict  did to themselves. For destroying our expectation for them. For destroying all family relationships. For destroying our family friends relationships in many cases.

3) Anger At the addicts friends.

We are angry at their Friends. They  are the reason my child/husband/wife/brother are doing drugs

4) Anger At other family members.

Because they are mean to the addict, We feel the family members do not handle the addict correctly. We feel  they are making it worse. They just don’t understand the addict like we do! If they would listen to US everything would be better.

5). Anger from a sibling to the addict and to the parent and or step parent.

A brother or sister is jealous and angry  at all the attention and coddling that one jerk (the addict) receives. They are angry at the parents because all of the parents time is taken up by the addict. They at times feel very neglected.

6). A parent is again angry at the siblings not understanding.

Anger toward  the other children n the family for not understanding the situation,  not dealing with the addict they way you want them too. Not handling things the way you want them too.

7). To and from Spouse.

Anger having to deal with the family and life by themselves with no help in many cases.Anger, frustration and arguments over how to handle the situation with the addict between spouses.



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